Geneva airport - Gstaad: airport transfer by Gstaad Limousine Service

Let Gstaad Limousine Service take you from Gstaad to one of the most beautiful and happening cities of Switzerland and one of the most convenient international airports world-wide - Aéroport de Genève. We know it almost by heart as we do it up to 20 times per day! Our friendly drivers look forward to welcoming you in Geneva/Switzerland. 

The Geneva airport - reach it with one of our luxury limousines or minivans.

The Geneva airport - reach it with one of our luxury limousines or minivans.

Advantages of GVA airport with Gstaad Limousine Service:

  • Convenient airport transfers with Gstaad Limousine Service
  • Attractive prices transparent prior to the actual booking
  • Easy and quick booking via website
  • Punctually and convenient arriving at the airport
  • Personal support at the check-in
  • Included waiting time (30mins.)
  • All-inclusive rates
  • Licensed, professional and trained drivers
  • Free cancellation (12h prior to pick-up)

A few words about the city of Geneva

Geneva, Genève or Genf - as the Germans call it - is Switzerland's second largest city and one of the global financial centers. Situated where the Rhône exits Lake Geneva, it is the capital city of the Canton of Geneva (GE). In 2015, the municipality (ville de Genève) has totaled approx. 200'000 inhabitants.

The Schtroumpfs Buildings, the stunning view of Lake Geneva and the Alps are just two must sees during your stay in Switzerland. This city really has a lot to offer. It is the city with the Headquarter of many NGOs and international corporations. 


Why Geneva airport

Geneva Airport (GVA), also known as Cointrin Airport, is the second biggest international airport of Switzerland. It is located 4 km northwest of the city center. It reached 15 million passengers for the first time in December 2014 and serves as a hub for Swiss International Air Lines, easyJet Switzerland and Etihad Regional. Geneva offers flights mainly to European cities and leisure destinations. Even long-haul flights to North America, China and the Middle East exist.

The special thing about GVA airport is, that its northern limit runs along the Swiss–French border. Therefore the airport can be accessed from both countries. The freight operations are also accessible from both countries, making Geneva a European Union freight hub although Switzerland is not a member of the EU.

The airport offers also a rather big private plane part, where one can find TAGaviation, JETaviation, ExecuJETs, GlobalJets and more. 

Furthermore the aiport offers a nice (duty free) shopping area and a handful of restaurants. The hotel Mövenpick is 5mins away and very practical. The airport has an excellent connection to public transportation. 


Geneva airport (Cointrin) with Gstaad Limousine Service 

Gstaad Limousine Service by Taxi Simon is a leading limousine service company in and around Gstaad. We offer airport transfers, limousine service, shuttle service, rent-a-driver service, car delivery service and more. We own an modern and up to date fleet of luxurious and comfortable Mercedes-Benz sedans and minivans such as the S-class limousine, V-class (Viano) minivan and E-class station wagon. More importantly, we employ and train drivers who own a licence for professional transportation services. This means that they know exactly what must be done. They live our quality standards every second. Besides that, they are multilingual (German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic) and always polite, kind and friendly, whilst delivering a discreet and courteous service. 

Traveling with Gstaad Limousine Service from/to Geneva airport to/from Gstaad gives you plenty of advantages. You get a door-to-check-in assistance, meaning that you do not have to touch any of your luggage at anytime. Compared to alternatives such as the public transportation, you save a lot of time (sidenote:  From Geneva airport you have a direct train which you can take to Montreux, which is where you have to change). You also have plenty of space for luggage and yourself in the comfortable and luxurious Mercedes-Benz limousines and minivans. Also, you have your dedicated driver, who fully takes care of you and your wishes and who can always give you the according suggestions - something like a PA almost. This is something, especially first time visitors value a lot. 

For airport transfers, we recommend all types of our cars, each of them for very particular circumstances. The Mercedes-Benz S-class is the best choice for 1-3 passengers with little luggage who truly enjoy travelling in a luxurious and best-in-class limousine. Frankly speaking, there is just nothing better than the back seats of a Mercedes-Benz S-class (e.g. hot stone massage, changeable interior lighting, fully adjustable seats - see our description of our cars under the fleet section). The Mercedes-Benz V-class is a the ultimate choice when it comes down to group transfers or larger families with say 5-7 people with a lot of luggage. It can take a never ending amount of luggage whilst offering enough space to its passengers. Simply amazing! In addition, the new V-class is so beautiful and comfortable inside, it almost feels like a sedan. Last but not least, the our fleet of Mercedes-Benz E-classes is a myth! The legendary E-class is a very very comfortable car. Due to the fact, that we mainly have E-class station wagons, it can also load quite a lot pieces of luggage. In fact, it takes about 3-5 larger pieces and a few smaller ones on top. 

Here a few insights about how we work: Once we get your arrival and/or departure details, we start our preparation process. We plan out each journey carefully taking into consideration the traffic situation, weather effects and other potential factors effecting the travel time. We track your flight and contact the airport/handling agent for private plane arrivals in order to know exactly, when you are arriving/departing. We communicate all the important things about your arrival and yourself/the guest to our driver, so that he is perfectly prepared for the mission. The driver then checks the car, cleans it form the in- and outside and equips it with water (Evian), newspaper as well as - if needed - children seats, special food and beverage items and more. He then leaves on time, so that he can get into position. If needed, he cleans the car from the outside. Our drivers wait right after the luggage claim for you with a name board and - most importantly - a smile. There is nothing more important than a nice, friendly and warm welcome at an airport. You just feel like you have arrived at home. He then helps you with the luggage and brings you to the car. Once you are ready to go, the journey starts. 

The road from Geneva airport to Gstaad is marvelous. It takes about 2 hour (155km). On one hand, you will have an exceptional view on the Swiss and French Alps right after you reach the highway. On the other side, there is the beautiful Lac Léman - or Lake of Geneva how some people tend to call it - which is stunning, especially on sunny days. By looking at it, you feel like you are on holidays. Between Geneva and Lausanne, you would pass by Rolle, where the international boarding school Rosey can be seen. The Riviera from Lausanne to Montreux is fabulous. You will see a lot of vineyards, some of which we can highly recommend visiting! There are amazing restaurants on the way, which we consider a MUST whilst visiting Switzerland. Vevey is a lovely city we pass by. From the highway, one can see the headquarter of the famous company Nestle. In addition, there is also the Charlie Chaplin foundation and museum in Vevey. The old town with the market is also nice to experience. Our driver would love to take you there. Once we pass Vevey, the journey continues on the highway direction Bern. Our exit, however, is Bulle/Gruyere. Bulle developed to a industrial little city. Once we pass Bulle, we arrive in Gruyere with the famous and beautiful Chateau Gruyere. This is an excellent day trip from Gstaad, or even a good stop on the way to Gstaad. It offers a nice historical museum, delicious restaurants offering tasty fondues in an monumental environment. Also you have the little museum of Mr Giger, the head designer of the movie Alien. Close by the chateau, there is the production of the Gruyere cheese, also something you should see when you are in our region. Some 15 minutes away is the little village Broc, home to the chocolate factory Caillier. The chocolate paradise is worth an excursion, especially with little kids. But also the parents and more mature people love chocolate, so it is a win win for everybody. Once we pass by Gruyere and Broc, the curvy road leads us up to Rossiniere, where the famous artist Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski de Rola) lived during his last period of his life. the so-called Grand Chalet is still owned by the family and can be visited. It is an amazing house and used to be the biggest chalet for a long time in our region. Approximately 10 mintues, Chateau D'Oex will be reached and after that Rougemont. This is where the "Gstaad" agglomeration starts. A lot of our guests and visitors live here. Rougemont in particular grew very much during the last few years. It is also the boarder village of the Canton de Vaud. The next place is Saanen, the commune of Saanenland - Gstaad. Ever since we Saanen built the pedestrian zone, it became an incredibly charismatic place with lots of local shops and restaurants. It sort of reminds our guets on Gstaad some 10-20 years ago! Speaking of which: once Saanen is behind us, 5 minutes later, we will enter Gstaad. Welcome, and enjoy your stay in our region!

Once you arrive at your destination, the driver will assist you with the luggage. He will offer you to take you back when every you plan to go. Just leave him the details or let him know that you will send it by mail. The driver typically checks the car if something is forgotten. Else he will leave you our business card as well as the card of Taxi Simon Gstaad, our local taxi service division. Just in case you may need a little trip somewhere in and around Gstaad. 
Journeys from/to Bern airport is something we provide multiple times a day. This means that Gstaad Limousine Service is very experienced with this journey. It would be our pleasure to welcome you in Bern. Just let us know when we can pick you up. Your finest limousine service is only one call away. 

Yours sincerely,

Mario Mitic
Gstaad Limousine Service

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