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Bern/Belp airport - Gstaad airport transfer

Bern/Belp airport to/from Gstaad - airport transfers by Gstaad Limousine Service

Bern/Belp airport is a lovely little airport, very convenient for passengers as it only needs 20mins check in time prior to flights. Also the arrival section is so small, you would not even realize it by the time you get out. Gstaad Limousine Service is very experienced with this airport as we pick up or bring our customers multiple times per day. It is especially practical for private jets. With our luxurious fleet of Mercedes-Benz sedans and minivans it takes approx. 1h20mins to get from/to Bern airport to/form Gstaad.  

Bern Airport from Wikipedia

A few words about the city of Bern

The city of Bern is the capital of Switzerland and the main city of the canton Bern, the second most populous of Switzerland's cantons. With its approx. 400'000 inhabitants (incl. agglomeration), Bern is only the fourth most populous city. The official language is the "Swiss German", a spoken language in Switzerland with approx. 25 regional dialects. The city is located on an attitude of approx. 540km. Since 1983, the historic old town in the center of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is also home of the Swiss government. It must be mentioned that the city belongs to the top 10 of the worlds city in terms of quality of life. 


Why Bern Airport

Bern airport  - or also called Belp airport - used to be a little, regional airport. Today it serving Bern and many cities around the capital. The airport is located in the agglomeration, more precisely in Belp (which is why it is also called Belp Airport). It lies on an altitude of 510 meter above sea. Due to its geographical location, right in front of the mountains, it risks to have very often fog during winter season. Due to this circumstance, often the planes cannot land in Bern/Belp airport. The official operator of the airport is ALPAR Flug- und Flugplatz- gesellschaft AG. 

Bern/Belp airport does not provide many commercial international flights. However, it offers flights to some European metropolitan and several leisure destinations such as Munich, Köln, Amsterdam, London City, Palma de Mallorca and more. Due to its limited size, the core advantage for its customers is, that the check in time is very short. 20 minutes prior to check in is enough at the Bern airport, isn't that great? Bern airport handles approx. 250'000-300'000 passengers per YEAR, rather small compared to the approx. 75 mio. of London Heathrow Airport or even the  26 mio. of Zurich airport. The airport serves as the homebase for SkyWork Airlines and a base for Helvetic Airways. In addition there is Etihad Regional, bmi regional, Lufthansa and Germania Flug. The airport profits from its surrounding holiday resorts and attracts quite a few private plane landings. Also the politicians profit of the airport when flying into Bern for diplomatic meetings. 

The airport offers a little kiosk/shop and a bistro. It also has a restaurant next door. There is also a rent-a-car-station right at the airport. In terms of public transportation, Bern airport isn't the greatest. There is only a bus which brings you to the capital center within some 20 minutes. In addition, there is a taxi stand. However there is no train. 

From the airport, it takes about 15 minutes to Bern city, 20 minutes to Thun, approx. 1h to Zurich and 1 hour 15 Minutes to Lausanne by car. 

Bern/Belp airport with Gstaad Limousine Service airport transfers

Gstaad Limousine Service is a leading limousine service company in and around Gstaad. We offer airport transfers, limousine service, shuttle service, rent-a-driver service, car delivery service and more. We own an always modern and up to date fleet of luxurious and comfortable Mercedes-Benz sedans and minivans such as the S-class limousine, V-class (Viano) minivan and E-class station wagon. More importantly, we employ and train drivers who own a licence for professional transportation services. This means that they know exactly what must be done. They live our quality standards every second. Besides that, they are multilingual (German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic) and always polite, kind and friendly, whilst delivering a discreet and courteous service. 

Traveling with Gstaad Limousine Service to Bern/Belp airport gives you plenty of advantages. You get a door-to-check-in assistance, meaning that you do not have to touch any of your luggage at anytime. Compared to alternatives such as the public transportation, you save a lot of time. You also have plenty of space for luggage and yourself in the comfortable and luxurious Mercedes-Benz limousines and minivans. 

For this service, we can highly recommend all types of our cars. The Mercedes-Benz S-class is the best choice for 1-3 passengers with little luggage who truly enjoy travelling in a luxurious and best-in-class limousine. Frankly speaking, there is just nothing better than the back seats of a Mercedes-Benz S-class (see our description of our cars under the fleet section). The Mercedes-Benz V-class is a the ultimate choice when it comes down to group transportation or larger families with say 5-7 people with a lot of luggage. It can take a never ending amount of luggage whilst offering enough space to its passengers. Simply amazing! In addition, the new V-class is so beautiful and comfortable inside, it almost feels like a sedan. Last but not least, the our fleet of Mercedes-Benz E-classes is a myth! The legendary E-class is a very very comfortable car. Due to the fact, that we mainly have E-class station wagons, it can also load quite a lot pieces of luggage. In fact, it takes about 3-5 larger pieces and a few smaller ones on top. 

Once we get your arrival and/or departure details, we start working. We plan out each journey carefully taking into consideration the traffic situation, weather effects and other potential factors effecting the travel time. We track your flight and contact the airport/handling agent for private plane arrivals in order to know exactly, when you are arriving/departing. We communicate all the important things about your arrival and yourself/the guest to our driver, so that he is perfectly prepared for the mission. The driver then checks the car, cleans it form the in- and outside and equips it with water (Evian), newspaper as well as - if needed - children seats, special food and beverage items and more. He then leaves on time, so that he can get into position. If needed, he cleans the car from the outside. 

Our drivers wait right after the luggage claim for you with a name board and - most importantly - a smile. There is nothing more important than a nice, friendly and warm welcome at an airport. You just feel like you have arrived at home. He then helps you with the luggage and brings you to the car. Once you are ready to go, the journey starts. 

From Bern/Belp airport to Gstaad, it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes (80km). It is a marvelous journey. You will have an exceptional view on the Swiss Alps right after you reach the highway. The view includes the famous Jungfrau Joch, the dangerous Eiger-Nordwand and other surrounding peaks. You will pass by Thun, a fantastic little city right at the lake of Thun. In Summer season, this is a very often visited city with/for our customers. Once you take the exit out of the highway, you will drive up the curvy Simmental, where the world-famous Simmentaler cows are from. Pay attention, you might even see one. Reaching Zweisimmen, you almost made it. Approximately 20 minutes later you will reach Saanenmöser, the first village of our home, the Saanenland. Then Schönried comes, followed by Saanen and finally Gstaad. 

Once you arrive at your destination, the driver will assist you with the luggage. He will offer you to take you back when every you plan to go. Just leave him the details or let him know that you will send it by mail. The driver typically checks the car if something is forgotten. Else he will leave you our business card as well as the card of Taxi Simon Gstaad, our local taxi service division. Just in case you may need a little trip somewhere in and around Gstaad. 

Journeys from/to Bern airport is something we provide multiple times a day. This means that Gstaad Limousine Service is very experienced with this journey. It would be our pleasure to welcome you in Bern. Just let us know when we can pick you up. Your finest limousine service is only one call away. 

Yours sincerely,

Mario Mitic
Gstaad Limousine Service

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